Friday, December 16, 2005


copied: see "Freedom from Religion" site



There is a hell - here on earth-
created by fear, bigotry, racism and greed.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

being set free

Many christians (myself once-1959) felt that accepting Jesus as their lord and savior had "set them free".

I'm sure "we" all felt that way for awhile

BUT what we really had done was to trade one type of "bondage" for another.

The "another" is a demanding set of requirements established by the various sects (denominations) for the purpose of maintaining a kind of control over its members and of perpetuating itself.

If you really want to be "free", shed the notion that there is some kind of "god" out there that wants you to worship it.


this act will NOT make you more apt to go out and "sin" as fundamentalist preachers would have you believe. (This is a major topic worthy of an in-depth study by itself.)