Tuesday, October 04, 2005


Making believe!!

The tooth fairy,santa claus,the easter bunny and god or,

...and man made god in his own image.

In the beginning, the earth was without form and void....

and it was dark.

and it was scary, scary as hell....

So, man made a god, in his own image (of course)....so he would not be so afraid, alone, and empty.

Man felt his creation shed a little light upon the frightening darkness...(It gave him company, some meaning and made him feel more important.)

In his mind, the god man created made sense; it dispelled some of the fear and loneliness, and gave an explanation to some of the mysteries around him.

As time passed, many men (and women also) made gods for themselves; they made gods to let them see what they wanted to see. Their confidence grew when they could convince many others to "see" the same "way".

To allay fear and ignorance, man has created gods and religions. Many other benefits were derived for a priviledged few who used the religions for their own purposes.

Over the centuries, man has changed his gods and religions to accommodate discoveries that came to "light" in the natural course of history. For the most part, people still cling to their "creations" since once you commit to something, it is hard to accept you were just making believe.


God, all gods and all religions are inventions and/or creations of humans.

At first, for purposes of alleviating fear and guilt and for creating companionship and meaning: AND later, to maintain power, wealth and ego man made gods in his own image.

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