Thursday, December 15, 2005

being set free

Many christians (myself once-1959) felt that accepting Jesus as their lord and savior had "set them free".

I'm sure "we" all felt that way for awhile

BUT what we really had done was to trade one type of "bondage" for another.

The "another" is a demanding set of requirements established by the various sects (denominations) for the purpose of maintaining a kind of control over its members and of perpetuating itself.

If you really want to be "free", shed the notion that there is some kind of "god" out there that wants you to worship it.


this act will NOT make you more apt to go out and "sin" as fundamentalist preachers would have you believe. (This is a major topic worthy of an in-depth study by itself.)


  • At 11:03 AM, Blogger truesight said…

    There's usually some nugget of truth in all the piles of scriptural writings that people subscribe to. So having dropped a belief in a creator God who made man in His own image, we could look at the possibility that this saying is a twist on something else... That perhaps the image of God arose from the Living intelligence in man.

    It's entirely normal to want to praise the ineffable experience of something so vast it cannot be comprehended by conceptual mind. And attributing it to something other than oneself is valid, as the self cannot create the ineffable (otherwise it would). So creating a God to praise isn't such a bad idea. It just got very confused with all kinds of other ideas.

    Part of the challenge of being freed from the belief in a deity is that there is no longer anyone to blame. It's difficult to remain steadily heartbroken in the midst of the pain and confusion of this world. And our longstanding habit is to live passively, as a victim of circumstances and/or the 'wrath of God'.

    It takes courage to live freely, and no one will congratulate us for defying the cultural norm. But freedom provides us the ability - and eventually the confidence - to do what we can and become completely involved in our lives. We can relearn to be decisive, and harness the power of Living intelligence to action that benefits all beings.

    Good luck!

  • At 10:40 AM, Blogger 'Seph Sayers said…

    The true spiritually achieved one respects the natural spiritual world without having to personify it with a white or purple robe or a gold crown. That is junk. It is really childish. It is not true. Religions fight each other over the conceptual level of life. Once you formalize God with a certain shape and color and robe, you fight over what is in your mind as opposed to what is in someone else's mind. At the true spiritual level, conceptual vision is both all right and all wrong, until you reach the subtle essence...
    ...There is no separate "God" in the realm of integral truth.

    Hua-Ching Ni

    Ultimately, when we attempt to force God into a pre-defined box, we are completely in error. Our perceptions of who or what God is is extremely cultural in nature.
    Rather then attempting to force God into a preconceived box of definitions we attempt to force others into following these preconceptions is when human suffering, misery, and pain begins.
    To me, this is the process of conversion.


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